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We are a non-profit organisation and our mission is to support both emerging and established businesses in the Liberec Region. We have been doing this since 2017, the year in which we were set up as an independent division of the Regional Development Agency.

Since 2020, we reside in a renovated building in the centre of Liberec, where we provide our clients with modern facilities. In the building, we have established a Coworking Centre, the ideal place for different fields of business and personalities to connect in new ways. Under one roof, we offer office spaces, prototyping workshops, event rooms and meeting rooms, all of which are available for rent.

The first steps our clients usually take leads them to the Business Surgery. The free and fast consultation will enable you to do a reality check on your new idea or push an ongoing project further.

Our doors are always open and the coffee is always at the ready.

Lipo.ink fulfilling dreams

From an idea to a profitable, growing company – that was the journey of Nullspaces, which has enhanced the Czech market with Computer Aided Assembly (CAA) technology. We have supported the company on their journey from the moment of inception. Jiří Kula and David Zacho left the corporate world for Liberec and visited Lipo.ink for the first time to make use of the consultancy services of our Business Surgery, where they received valuable advice on their next steps. Not long after, Jiří and David became clients of our incubator program and moved into our building and manufacturing spaces.

The technology, which Nullspaces introduced into the world of manufacturing, utilises augmented reality to project the product assembly procedure right in front of the operator’s eyes. Nullspaces is now looking for investors and attends our highest-level incubator program – InToWin.

What our clients have said about Lipo.ink


“It’ s as if they took a flashlight and lit up a corner that we hadn’t even thought of checking.”

“At Lipo.ink, they always listen to me and provide me with an unbiased analysis. The subsequent decision is ours. The same thing applies when we fail at something. Lipo.ink is there with a listening ear. Just the fact that we know we have someone to confide in helps us to persevere. They also help us to assess our mistakes, allowing us to overcome them and give us the confidence to go on.”

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RDA - The agency for our region

RDA – Regional Development Agency (Agentura regionálního rozvoje) was founded on 1 April 1993. It was established with the goal of providing technical support and expertise during the planning and realisation of projects initiated by the municipal association of cities and towns Euroregion Nisa.

Currently, the sole owner of the company is the Liberec Region. It’s been an “in-house company” since mid-2017. Through its activities, it fulfills the role of a service organisation for the Liberec Region. It operates entirely for the benefit of the region and its citizens, businesses and institutions. For a period of 25 years, it operated without any external donations.


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ARR - Regional development agency

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