Turn your idea into a profitable company. We will show you how to avoid making mistakes in the early stages of business development and during business growth too. We will also prepare you for negotiations with investors and connect you with partners. We offer three incubator programs: Kick Off, Gym and Full Fat. Which program is the best for you? Book a slot through our Business Surgery to learn more.

Individual sessions with
70 000 Kč budget for services
Publicity via and our promotion channels

Let’s find out together whether your intentions meet some of the criteria that would make you eligible for an incubator program at

We will judge whether your intentions feature an innovative aspect to them. We want to know if you have come up with a new or enhanced product or service, or that you have found a use for new technologies and/or alternative methods to solve common problems.
We will evaluate your idea and its chances of success, and whether customers will be willing to pay for it. In addition, whether your business is scalable or not.
Are you working in a team? Do you have strong resolve, and professional or management skills? Alternatively, are you able and willing to learn as you go?
Will your idea have a positive impact on the planet?


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