Are you just starting out? We will help you get off to a good start by supporting you from the moment your business idea strikes to the first paying customers.

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Program length: 6 months
15 hours of individual consultations with specialists
Presentation at IdeaLabs and MeetUPs
Publicity on‘s channels
50% discount on‘s public events‘s Incubator programs are suitable for business ideas which comply with at least three of the following criteria

an innovative idea which creates added value introducing something new or unique, be it a technology, process, service or product…
your business idea must have a realistic chance of succeeding; ie. people will be prepared to pay for it
you will need to demonstrate determination as well as the necessary level of expertise and knowledge, although high motivation and an ability to learn as you go may be taken into account
RIS3 LK knowledge/expertise in the areas specifically supported by the Liberec region, such as nanotechnologies, engineering, optics, glass, remediation technologies, components for traffic management etc. For more information click here.


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ARR - Regional development agency

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