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Is your business growing and you now need to adjust how the company operates? Are you planning for growth and want to make sure you are fully prepared for the upcoming changes? Are you about to hand your company over to your children or professional management? These are the most frequent challenges we help small and medium-sized company owners overcome through our PlatInn program.


The PlatInn business help and innovation program originates from Switzerland where it was designed to help medium sized companies in the cantons of Freiburg, Genf, Jura, Neuenburg, Waadt and Wallis to grow and innovate. The South Moravian Center for Innovation (JIC), our partner, has been PlatInn's licensee for the Czech Republic since 2013. JIC has built a network of over 50 authorised experts who – through mentoring, coaching and lecturing – help entrepreneurs uncover innovation potential as well as plan and realize steps leading to growing their businesses.

Expert guidance
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Ynovate network verified experts
40 hours of expert consultations, 80% covered by us is PlatInn's official partner for the Liberec Region. Our role is to contribute to the continuous growth of its network and work towards the development of the program and services provided.

You have your own product.
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You have identified a unique problem that you are trying to solve with your product.

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