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Starting a business is a tough job. And changing old routines for those who already have one can be just as hard. Let‘s work on it together!

Our plan are not modest. In 2020 we are planning to offer you and your ideas space over 3500 m2 in new reconstructed building in the Liberec centre. This space will be created in the former building of the Research Institute of Textile Machinery, so called Building D next to the reginal office.

We are at the beginning (the official start of the project was in November 2017), and we are also a start-up. We grow and learn. We are delighted with both great and small successes - and above all from the broad support of our intention in the business, science and research environment and the public administration of the Liberec region.


Centre for Innovation – Business Incubator for the Liberec Region
The purpose of this project is to build a specialised, regionally focused infrastructure for the encouragement and support of new, enterprising and creative businesses that use local know-how and talent to create high added value.
The project‘s base will be a brick-and- mortar hub housed in the D building. The building will undergo an extensive renovation. It will get a new roof, an extra layer of insulation and a terrace in the place of disused warehouses which will be demolished. The building will be completely rewired and replumbed, equipped with new heating/cooling systems and an electrical substation. The interior will be radically re-designed and re-built (new mezzanine floor, re-partitioning of the space, repair of load bearing as well as non load bearing constructions, laying new insulated floors, replacement of windows and doors, redecorating, tiling, ceiling repair etc.). Two server rooms will be created – one for the incubator, the other for the rest of the D Building – as well as a CCTV and an automated employee attendance system. There will be a new fully equipped dining room, too. Provided the project is successfully completed, Lipo.ink will move to the renovated premises.
The total cost of the project is estimated at 349 555 792 Kč with the possible EU contribution amounting to 54 473 523 Kč. The rest of the cost will be born by the Liberec regional government.
Subject to approval, the project will be co-financed by the European Union through the Regional Development Fund, part of the Integrated Regional Operational Programme.



New Generation of Founders

New Generation of Founders


Workshop Grow with Google v Liberci! Zůčastněte se 25.6.2020 od 14:00 bezplatného online workshopu New Generation of Founders.

Zažijte na vlastní kůži, jak se v Google pracuje na inovativních produktech a nápadech. Pomocí metody Design Thinking pochopíte lépe potřeby svého zákazníka a naučíte se zkoumat inovativní řešení.

Pokud nemáte ještě nápad, nevadí! Workshop Vám ukáže, jak nápady generovat a jak se dívat na svět trochu "jinýma očima". 

Pokud nápad máte, workshop Vám pomůže lépe pochopit Vašeho uživatele, ukáže ja zlepšit komunikaci a vylepšit produkt.

VÍCE INFO A REGISTRACE: https://bit.ly/new_generation_of_founders_lipoink

Praktické informace:

Kdy? 25.6.2020 mezi 14:00 a 19:00

Kde? online, pokyny dostanete v případě registrace před akcí



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